#SayItNow week returned in 2019 as Victorians joined the conversation to celebrate the important people in their lives.

After another successful week in 2018, #SayItNow week returned in 2019.

Victorians young and old were encouraged to celebrate the important people in their lives during Tobin Brothers Funerals’ #SayItNow week from Monday 19 to Sunday 25 August 2019.

#SayItNow week encourages people to pick up the phone, catch up for a coffee or send a message to a loved one or friend, to tell them how important they are in their life, and then share their #SayItNow moment on social media.

#SayItNow Week Ambassadors for 2019 were:

Philanthropist Susan Alberti AC, Radio host Mark Allen, Comedian and media personality Anthony “Lehmo” Lehmann, Paralympian Kelly Cartwright OAM, the Salvation Army’s Major Brendan Nottle, media personality Jane Holmes and former Melbourne Victory star Grant Brebner.

Each ambassador shared their touching stories by expressing their appreciation for the impact a mentor, family member or friend has had on their life. Each day one ambassador video was released via the ambassadors and Tobin Brothers’ digital and social media channels throughout the week.

James MacLeod, Managing Director Tobin Brothers Funerals, said #SayItNow Week encourages everyone to get involved.

“Too often, staff at Tobin Brothers have witnessed the heartache suffered by families and friends who did not have an opportunity to recognise the impact a loved one has had on their life before they have died. We felt compelled to develop #SayItNow Week as a way of reminding people not to wait until it’s too late to express your thoughts and feelings to the people around you. #SayItNow Week is a wonderful opportunity to encourage all Victorians to celebrate their important relationships by sending messages of gratitude to their loved ones.”

#SayItNow | James Macleod Introduces Say It Now Week 2019

James MacLeod, Managing Director of Tobin Brothers Funerals, introduces Say It Now Week 2019 and encourages everyone to get involved and tell your loved ones what they mean to you today.

#SayItNow with Susan Alberti AC

Welcome to #SayItNow week, a week providing the perfect opportunity to upload a photo or video for someone special and express your gratitude for the significant role they may have played in your life.

We’re kicking off the week with Ambassador, Susan Alberti AC who expresses her gratitude for her husband, Colin who has been an incredible support for the last 17 years of her life. Watch this video clip for her story.

#SayItNow with Anthony "Lehmo" Lehmann

Today we meet comedian and media star, Anthony "Lehmo" Lehmann who thanked his best mate Justin Hall for being a great support throughout his life. 

Who is someone in your life you appreciate? Take your next opportunity to #SayItNow and let them know how you feel before it’s too late.

#SayItNow with Major Brendan Nottle

Today as part of #SayItNow Week we catch up with Melbournian of the year recipient, Major Brendan Nottle who leads Salvos Melbourne Project 614, helping those living on society’s fringe.

Get involved in the conversation this week by using the #SayItNow across social media and tell your loved ones what they mean to you before it’s too late. 

#SayItNow with Mark Allen

Former professional golfer and Macquarie Radio Drive host Mark Allen opens up and shares his incredibly brave story.

Watch Mark speak about his cancer battle and those people that have supported him throughout his journey. #SayItNow week runs until Sunday 25 August. Don’t miss your next opportunity to #SayItNow.

#SayItNow with Jane Holmes

Meet #SayItNow Ambassador, 3AW Presenter Jane Holmes who is encouraging us to pause, reassess and thank those people in our lives who help us get from point a to point b and recognise who makes our lives special.

Watch Jane speak about her partner Peter and the positive role he has played in her life so far. #SayItNow week runs until Sunday 25 August. Don’t miss your next opportunity to #SayItNow .

#SayItNow with Grant Brebner

Meet Melbourne Victory Legend and former Member of Manchester United Squad, Grant Brebner who is an Ambassador for #SayItNow Week as he expresses his gratitude for those have played a big support role during his lengthy career and contributed to his great success.

Don’t let your next #SayItNow moment pass you by, use this week to #SayItNow.

#SayItNow with Kelly Cartwright OAM

As part of #SayItNow Week, we caught up with Paralympic Gold & Silver Medalist, Kelly Cartwright OAM who took her #SayItNow moment to thank her partner, Ryan for supporting her through injuries and her sporting career.

Is there someone in your life who has been that pillar of strength during hard times? Don’t wait to express your gratitude, #SayItNow.

#SayItNow week runs until Sunday 25 August. Join the conversation this #SayItNow, by uploading a photo or video for someone special telling them what they mean to you with the hashtag #SayItNow.

#SayItNow 2019 Lead up

In the lead up to #SayItNow Week, Managing Director James MacLeod  shares his own videos honouring the people who have made a difference in his life. 

We encourage everyone to look back on the people in their life who have assisted in getting them to where they are today. 

Share your messages on our social media pages and use the hashtag #SayItNow.

#SayItNow | James Macleod's Primary School

We want everyone to get involved in #SayItNow Week from August 19-25. 

In the lead up to #SayItNow Week, Managing Director James MacLeod recently visited his primary school to express his gratitude for providing him with a great childhood.

We encourage everyone to look back on the people in their life who have assisted in getting them to where they are today. 

Share your messages on our social media pages and use the hashtag #SayItNow .

#SayItNow | James MacLeod's Career

As part of the lead up to #SayItNow week from 19 August we’re encouraging everyone to recognise the people who have had an impact on their life by uploading a photo or video and expressing what they meant to them. 

Watch Managing Director, James MacLeod pay homage to the figures that he’s looked up to throughout his career as mentors and who have helped shape him into the person he is today.

Upload a photo or video for someone special and #SayItNow.

#SayItNow | James MacLeod in the Community

To continue the build up to #SayItNow week, today Managing Director, James MacLeod expresses his gratitude for the tremendous joy he and his family continue to get back from being involved with the Blackburn Football Club and The Wellington Community Centre.

Join the conversation during #SayItNow, week from 19 – 25 August by uploading a photo or video expressing your gratitude for someone special in your life using the hashtag, #SayItNow.

#SayItNow | James MacLeod's Family

Today, Managing Director, James MacLeod is heartfelt about "saying it now" to his family and what they mean to him.

Share your messages on our social media pages and use the hashtag #SayItNow .

#SayItNow | James MacLeod Visits Port Campbell

Where is your favourite place to visit? Today, Managing Director, James MacLeod shares his fondest memories from Port Campbell along with his family ties to the area and connection to the community, making it one of his favourite places in the world. 

Take a moment to express your gratitude for somewhere that evokes warm and happy memories during #SayItNow week using the hashtag from 19 – 25 August.

#SayItNow | James MacLeod Visits Springvale Botanical Cemetery

James visits Springvale Botanical Cemetery, where his Father, Mother and Brother are buried to reflect on the importance of telling your loved ones what they mean to you before it's too late.

Don’t miss your next opportunity to express what someone important in your life means to you.

Too often we see the heartache suffered by families and friends who did not have the opportunity to convey the impact a loved one had on their life before they died.

Use your next #SayItNow moment to express how you feel to a loved one and don’t let it pass you by.

Past #SAYITNOW Week Ambassador Videos

To start off the week, we follow one of Australia's most amazing and compassionate humanitarian workers, Moira Kelly AO, as she shares her appreciation for a special member in her family. Moira has worked tirelessly to help others in need for over three decades, and her work has been recognised both in Australia and globally, including being awarded the Order of Australia in 2001 in recognition of her humanitarian service to both the Australian and international communities.

Watch Moira's heartwarming video above.

Today for #SayItNow Week, we follow Melbourne Victory football player, Leigh Broxham, as he shares a message of gratitude with someone special in his life above.

Remember to continue to share your own stories with us using the hashtag #SayItNow.

#SayItNow Week continues today with Laura Turner, one of Australia's most well known faces in journalism as a senior reporter at Channel 9.

In 2017, Laura received a phone call that changed her life forever. Watch as she has a heartfelt conversation with her mother about the tough journey of loss and healing that they have had to embark on together.

Today, legendary rugby league player Robbie Kearns shares a heartfelt message with a special person in his life. Watch above.

Have you been implementing your own #SayItNow messages to those dear to you this week?

Today for #SayItNow Week, we join 3AW radio host Dee Dee Dunleavy as she says thank you to a treasured mentor and friend, fellow host Peter "Grubby" Stubbs. They reflect on their 30 years of working together - a truly special collaboration and friendship.

In today's video, we interview AFL player Peter Daicos , who played his entire 250-game career for Collingwood Football Club and is considered one of Collingwood's all time greats. Watch as Peter shares a message of gratitude with a supporting figure in his life that helped him become the best player he could be.

To wrap off the week, we interviewed legendary race caller, Bryan Martin OAM. Horse racing has been apart of Bryan's life for over 45 years, during which he has called the Melbourne Cup an amazing 29 times. Bryan was also awarded the Order Of Australia Award in 2011 for his services to radio and charity. Watch as he shares a message of thanks with someone who was very important in helping him at the beginning of his career - fellow broadcaster and one of Australia's most respected sports presenters and commentators, Peter Donegan.

Managing Director of Tobin Brothers Funerals, James MacLeod, introduces #SayItNow week 2018 and its growing success in encouraging people to reach out and show their appreciation to a person that has a made a difference in their life.

Please check out the #sayitnow videos from ambassadors in 2017 below:

Professional stunt rider and YouTube cult figure Lukey Luke talks about people that have been important in his life and helped him get where he is today. In this segment Lukey Luke talks with his brother about their childhood and helping him get through the hard times together.

As part of Tobin Brothers Funerals #sayitnow week, Kate Stevenson talks to someone who is very special to her, who has influenced and help her get to her position today. In this video she talks to her former Content Director at 3AW, Nicole Denton.

Wayne Schwass, former AFL footballer, sits down with his close personal friend Dr. Harry Unglik as part of Tobin Brothers #sayitnow week. Wayne has reached out to Dr. Harry Unglik to say thank you for helping him in a time of need to help battle mental illness.

Socceroo and Melbourne Victory soccer icon Archie Thompson takes some time out to thank his brother for helping him get through some tough times in his life as part of the Tobin Brothers Funerals #sayitnow week.

Australian Women's footballer Moana Hope talks about the passing of her father and how her brother played an important role in overcoming the  loss. Moana has taken the opportunity to #sayitnow to her brother for all the help he provided her.

Denis Walter talks about various people that have helped shape his career and life to date as part of Tobin Brother's #sayitnow week. Denis goes on to talk about his high school music teacher Freddy Francis, his parents and in particular their welcoming of multiculturalism, long time friend Ernie Sigley and the importance of his entire family.

James MacLeod, Managing Director at Tobin Brothers, introduces #sayitnow 2017 and encourages everyone to tell their loved ones how appreciated they are.